Must-Try Fusion Flavor: Maple Tahini

True to her Canuck heritage, Mighty Sesame’s Canadian team-member has a tendency to sniff out foods which could be carriers for maple syrup. Her motto is, “where maple syrup can be drizzled, it shall be drizzled.” And one of her all-time favorite combinations is maple-tahini.

“Rich and nutty tahini, when complimented by the woody sweetness of maple syrup can make pretty much any food a decadent-yet-healthy culinary experience. And the health benefits of this combination make it a go-to staple in my diet whenever I feel like a treat.

Topping steamed vegetables, I add a little fresh lemon, sea salt and garlic to my maple-tahini. For salad dressing, I do the same, add some fresh garden herbs and thin it out a bit with water.

For dessert I use more than just a dash of maple, and dip in dried dates stuffed with walnuts or make maple- tahini cookies. For a snack, I drip maple-tahini over a sliced apple and add some cinnamon. Basically, there is a lot of maple and tahini going on.

And maybe it’s my Middle Eastern heritage in me, but lately I find myself searching for new foods that can be carriers for tahini. I may have to change my motto, eh?”